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Mission Statement

OR seeks to accelerate the unrestricted access, knowledge and usability of internet in Africa especially in Nigeria.

To use this platform as a veritable tool to pursue the respect, applications and adherence to human rights in line with the United Nation’s charter on Human Rights 

Vision Statement

Achieve a world in which everyone everywhere is connected to an open and universally accessible Internet.To see a world where human rights is the universal tenet of our existence.

Since its inception in 2001, OR has been at the forefront of national Internet education by bringing essential information and training to people throughout the worldand Nigeria in particular.We are inspired by the experiences garnered from a series of international stakeholder’s meetings on development and application of internet such as the World Summit on Information Society (WSIS), AfriNIC, ICANN, CIVICUS World Assembly as well as Internet Governance Forum. These meetings focused on how to develop the internet as a tool for poverty reduction and economic empowerment, and improving on social justice system, universality of information dissemination in real-time as well as helping government and institutions to market their products and services.

We believe that knowledge is power. We also believe that the beauty of every goodexperience sharing is in its application or step down approach to relevant stakeholders. So these programmes and meetings will have achieved its very objective when we have a larger Nigerian population with access and good knowledge of the internet. When we have a larger percentage of rural areas connected to the internet with affordable cost implication. When we can boast of a sizeable pool of resource in terms of management, development and maintenance this sector. This is our target at Our Rights.


a.     To organize workshop, rallies, mass and media campaign on public policy issues related to key elements of Internet governance in order to foster the sustainability, robustness, security, stability and development of the Internet in Nigeria.

b.    To combat, at all times every form of violation of human rights both in higher and lower places through mass or media campaign and other legal means.

c.     To seek legal or constitutional redress to every form of identified injustice meted out to a person or group of individuals.

d.    To orientate, re-orientate the common people and provision of human rights information for lobbing and advocacy, finance and provide legal services for the down trodden in pursuance of their rights.

e.     To disseminate human rights information by educating the youths and the old on computer application and the importance of information technology in human right campaign.

f.      Advise all stakeholders in proposing ways and means to accelerate the availability and affordability of the Internet in Nigeria;

g.     To motivate, mobilize, educate and orientate the youths on the importance of education in pursuance of one’s rights in this internet era, and to gear them towards self-reliance and proficiency.

 For  Youths

With only 2 years remaining before the MDG framework comes to an end in 2015, it is clear that decisive and concerted actions need to be taken to ensure that MDG targets are met. Many countries are making progress, reducing maternal mortality and increasing coverage of effective health

                   What we do

Our Right delivers on these goals through activities that enhance creativity and style by delivering hands-on technical training, organizing workshops, forums, fiestas, seminars, picnics and conferences on topical Internet issues, collaborating with local and regional Internet organizations

h.    To dissuade the youths from every form of social maladies such as: Drug addiction, trafficking, secret cultism, sexual pervasion, violence and organized crime through media-campaigns, seminars, symposia, workshops and person to person evangelism.

i.      To combat, agitate, protect and enforce the rights of woman in societies run by male chauvinist and make sure women enjoy their fundamental human rights to its fullest as enshrined in the constitution of such society.

j.      To uphold, enforce and assist AIDS victims in enforcing and enjoying their rights where necessary.

k.     Strengthen and enhance the engagement of stakeholders in existing and/or future Internet governance mechanisms, particularly those from developing countries;

l.      Identify emerging issues, bring them to the attention of the relevant bodies and the general public, and, where appropriate, make recommendations;

m.   To affiliate with relevant bodies and NGOs worldwide to enhance the objectives of Our Rights

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